What are past LYNDALE students doing NOW?

Focus on personal development, the more you read and improve as individual, the better your circumstances will become.”

– leo alhalabi –
Quick question, have you ever wondered about what past Lyndale students are up to now?

This is Leo Alhalabi, a 22-year-old entrepreneur who is a CEO & Owner of one of Australia’s largest and fastest-growing in-home private tutoring services AND he is also a co-founder of LGT Digitial. Sheesh.. that’s one successful man right there, but that’s not what I’m here to talk about.
I asked Leo Alhalabi a few questions about his journey to where he is now, and what he has to say is that you’re in for a bit of a surprise…

1. When were you a student at Lyndale Secondary College? 

I went to Lyndale Primary School and completed year 7 to year 12 at Lyndale Secondary College, ending in the year 2012. 

2. What sort of student were you in school?

I was hardworking at school. A bit a nerd you could say. Not very naturally smart, but I studied and worked really hard. 

3. What was your journey after high school/university? 

After high school, I got accepted into my first preference at University (Bachelor of Engineering at Monash University). I started a business at University which took off, so I dropped out after my 2nd year and have been in business ever since. 

4. How did you get into entrepreneurship? What did you do at school to achieve your end goal? 

Just like most young entrepreneurs, I was motivated to find ways to make extra money online. It all began with a Google search for “How to make money online”. This led me to buy and sell things on Gumtree. I then started an eBay store selling iPhone cases. After these two failed business ventures, I decided to start a service-based business instead as I enjoyed working with people. So I started out as a private tutor, then soon after I recruited my own friends as tutors and sent students to them. I would then take a commission on every hour they would conduct. 

This led me to start and grow LGT Tutoring. 4 Years later, having developed a deep understanding for Digital marketing, I started LGT Digital – which has been the business which truly changed my life. 

Leo Alhalabi in Year 12

5. How did you get your idea or concept for your business? 

I asked a fellow University friend how he got more students as a tutor and he recommended I join a tutoring agency. Instead of joining one, I decided to start my own – that’s how I initially got the idea!

As for the Digital Agency, because I was able to grow my business all completely online (Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO), I had a lot of friends who asked me to help them with their businesses. So I decided to start my own Digital agency!

6. If you were to go back in time, what advice would you give to your younger self?  

I’d advise my younger self to become financially literate. To understand that it’s not about how much money you make, but it’s about how much you keep. If you’re not careful, your expenses can soon match your increased income and therefore your financial position never improves. 

I’d also advise my younger self to stress less. 

7. What advice could give to other students trying to be an entrepreneur? 

My advice would be to simply start. Start small, don’t try and launch the next big app idea or the next Uber as your first business venture. That’s like trying to have a UFC fight after your first MMA training session.

Your success as an entrepreneur will come down to the habits you develop, here are a few points of advice: 

  • Spend less time with your time-wasting friends. Connect with people who actually want to succeed and be rich. 
  • Less listening to music, more listening to motivational/educational videos or podcasts. 
  • Don’t put yourself into debt buying clothes, showing off to friends or going on holidays.
  • Learn about Digital marketing, it’s a superpower.
  • Focus on personal development, the more you read and improve as an individual, the better your circumstances will become. 

8. What challenges do entrepreneurs face right now in the industry area?  

Thinking that you can become a millionaire in a year. If it comes quickly, it goes quickly. Stay patient and grind it out. 

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