Destress BEFORE, DURING or AFTER an exam!

It’s hard not to think about the upcoming assessments. With these tips to destress, you reassure yourself and build a stronger sense of confidence!

Shake off that pre-exam stress

Do you ever get that feeling that you haven’t worked hard? Or your mind has a brain fart and you can’t remember ANYTHING? Destress and motive yourself BEFORE the assessment!

Avoid multitasking

Multitasking while studying can distract you, causing you to not take in all of the information you are studying. Try to focus on completing one task and then moving on to the next.

Get enough sleep

Getting good amounts of sleep – it helps improve your concentration and memory.

Have a study plan

Having a study plan helps you with your time management. Revising before the assessment can help you remember the topics you studied earlier in the term.

Stay positive

Encouraging self-talk and a positive attitude can have a good effect on your results – because you’re believing in yourself. Self-doubt can impact on your confidence which in turn makes it hard to reach your potential.

Take a break

Taking breaks in-between studying helps clear your mind and reduce stress. Stressing too much does not help when studying – it becomes difficult to focus and remember what you are revising.


Sometimes it’s hard to remain calm under pressure. Destress while tackling those questions!

Clean your workspace

Having a clear workspace helps you not get distracted and you won’t feel restricted with clutter around you.

Focus on progress not perfection

To start off, focusing on getting through the test can help with seeing it in little parts. Afterwards, you can go over and fix, recheck, or retry things.

Time management 

Time management is important. You can plan what you are going to do so you don’t run out of time.

Ask the right questions 

Asking yourself, teacher or fellow classmate the appropriate question on something can help you gain a full grasp what to do or help with your understanding of the task.


Have a break. Have a KitKat.

Stay positive

Having a positive attitude toward your results can make you feel like you did your best instead of feeling like you could have done better.

Talk about it

Talking about how you feel to someone can help you destress – talk about what you got wrong and maybe how you could improve it.

Distract yourself

Finding a good distraction while you are waiting for your results can help relieve some of the result stresses.

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