Want to join a club? Here’s all you need to know

By Bokthiyar

1. Reading Ambassadors

Reading Ambassadors is a club designed for students who are book lovers. Students and teachers get together to discuss the books that they are currently reading and also look over new books that have been added to the library’s collection. In each class, there is at least one reading ambassador whose job is to promote reading among their peers and friends. This club runs during most Friday lunchtimes.

The clubs also hosts many activities and excursions. Recent activities hosted by the club included Blackout Poetry Writing and an excursion to the Readings book shop where students selected and ordered books to add to our library. Click the arrows to go through the photos!

2. Literacy Club

Literacy Club is held every Monday at lunchtime in the library. In the club, the students discuss and plan literacy events for Harry Potter day, Valentine’s day, Write a Book in Day and other excursions. 

The 2020 Harry Potter Day included themed crosswords, origami, Blackout poetry, the Sorting hat and other engaging activities.

Here are some photos of the Literacy club in action!

3. Art Club

Year 7s come to D6 on Tuesdays while Year 8-12 students come on Thursdays to work on their ongoing art projects or create something new.

Come create and bring new works of art to life!

The list goes on…

These are just a few of the many clubs that run during lunchtimes and/or after school at Lyndale Secondary College.

Here is a list of some other clubs you can look into on the school blog:

  • Writers Club (where students create and contribute material to the Lyndale blog)
  • Basketball Club (starting in Term 2!)
  • Maths & Science Homework Club (Wednesdays afterschool)
  • Debating Club (for students who love to argue about a range of issues)
  • Glee Club (performing arts club reopening in Term 2!)
  • Choir, Concert Band, Excel Band, Senior Stage Band and Ango Band

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