Valentine’s Day Letter Writing Event 2022

Photo of the Event


At lunchtime on the 12th of February, the literacy club students conducted a very successful Valentines Day Letter Writing event in the learning center. Many students came to write letters to their loved ones, families, and friends. Special thanks to; Teachers Mrs O’Donnell, Mrs Ioannou-Booth, Mrs Poon, Students: Literacy Leaders and Cupid’s messengers, Year 12 Students: Cupid’s door crew and the 9C Lyndale Blog reporters, video makers and authors.

Paragraph by Christina Shaiju

Survey Results and Infographics:

At the event, we had our blog reporters go around surveying people who attended the day. Here are some infographics on the event:

A Graph of event Attendance from each Year Level
A Graph of event Attendance for each Gender

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Video Credits:

Song: NIKI – Every Summertime

Made by Praneet Gunasekaran, Kelvin Bui, Mahnoor Nabeel, Matthew Dinh

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