Interschool Sporting Event

On the 3rd of March we had our Intermediate Boys and Girls Volleyball, Boys Cricket and Boys Tennis teams out representing the College. It was a great day with beautiful weather and heaps of fun. Everyone had a great time and came back with great results. The BOYS CRICKET team came in with an amazing 1st place. The BOYS VOLLEYBALL team placed at 3rd place, the BOY TENNIS team placed 4th and the GIRLS VOLLEYBALL team placed 4th. Well done to all student who participated and congratulations to the BOYS CRICKET team  who will be progressing onto the Southern Metropolitan Region tournament. A huge thank you to the teacher who went along and the day and helped coaching the teams: Mr Petkaris, Mr Shane, Mr Martin and Miss Crawford. A week later we had the year 8 sports represent our school in their events. The GIRLS VOLLEYBALL team placed 3rd, BOYS VOLLEYBALL team placed 4th and the BOYS TENNIS team placed 1st. Congratulations to all students who participated!

The Students Who Attended:

Below here is a table of the number of people who participated in each year level.

A Graph Of The People who attended each sport.

We had people from the blog team interview some people who attended the events there. Here were their responses:

1) What Sport did you do?
Vraj – Cricket
Christina – Volleyball
Plaj – Volleyball

2) Do you enjoy playing sports?
Vraj – Yes I Loved Paying it.
Christina – Yes, sports has been a part of me since I was young.

3) How was the trip?
Vraj – The trip was relaxing and fun
Chrsitina – The trip was fun especially after Covid.
Plaj – Our trip there was great!

4) Give me a highlight from the day.
Vraj – Aakhilesh’s 41 runs which he hit three 6’s in a row
Chrsitina – When we won our first match
Plaj – One highlight from the day would be competing against other schools.

5) Was it fun missing out on school?
Vraj – Not really, missed some of my friends
Christina – Yes it was fun because we were having more fun outside.
Plaj – It was very fun having a day off school to play with my teammates!

6) And finally… Did you try your best?
Vraj- Yes, we did out best and we won, and we will be moving onto regional level
Christina – I definitely tried my very best, and I am beyond satisfied with my team’s effort
Plaj – The day was really fun and enjoyable and I tried my very best to represent out school to the fullest! 🙂

Thank you to Christina Shaiju, Vrajrajsinh Ravalgi, and Plaj Andrew for answering our queries.

Extra Photos from the Day!

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