Harmony Week Events

To celebrate Harmony Week at Lyndale Secondary College, we had two events going on at school! We had an activity day on the 22nd of March, and a parade on the 29th of the same month.

Activity Day – 22nd March

On the 22nd of March, we had our Harmony Activity Day! The teachers and some of the students helped out during Lunch to hold this event. We had students pin orange paper figurines and connect them to pins on the world map! We had other students make bracelets with the colour orange with the colours of their national flags. Some students made paper hands, or wrote messages with sticky notes, and stuck them to the whiteboard. Overall, it was a fun time! Even though some people kept coming in and stealing the candy…

Paragraph by Matthew Dinh 9C

Parade – 29th March

On the 29th of March, at lunch time we held a parade to commemorate Harmony week. There was plenty of music and dancing and lots of students and teachers showing off their unique cultures by dressing up! There was plenty of joy and everyone had a blast! A fashion parade was held where students got the opportunity to walk around the large circle in a fashion parade, showcasing their cultural clothes. Groups of students sharing the same culture got together to perform a dance relating to their country. Overall, it was a wonderful event! Thank you for everyone who donated a gold coin to help with the NSW floods.

Paragraph by Mahera Zahedi 9C

Thank you to the Teachers:

Jessica McKean, and Allegra Blain

For helping with these events!

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