Celebrating Lyndale’s Debaters

As you may or may not know, here at this school we have groups of students who engage in DAV (Debaters Association of Victoria) Debating events. This year, we have two teams of debaters:

Year 9 Team: Christina Shaiju, Aaliyah Heather, Aakhilesh Patil, Rydham Patel, Plaj Andrews, Kishore Ramesh, Enuka Dharmawansa

The Year 9 Debaters (Aaliyah Heather absent in photo)

Year 11 Team: Danya Daoud, Ibraham Rifaie, Ciya Joseph, Haleemah Illyas

The Year 11 Debaters

Apologies if I forgot anyone. Please tell me if you have been overlooked via Teams… 🤔

The above students have worked hard to represent our school, competing against other schools in debate competitions. Us bloggers had the opportunity to interview these people, which will be shown in the video below. In there, they talk about their experiences debating, and what they have learned through this activity.

Thank you debaters for having to put up with us. Also thanks to the teachers who help the students in managing and doing their debates.

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