Avid Readers & Principal’s Morning Tea

On the 23rd of June, 15 avid readers across years 7 to 9 ate and talked about the many books they have read with the principal. Being an avid reader means they have read the most out of the junior school, and they were chosen through the number of words they have read on the Lyndale reading list.

The avid readers in descending order of words read are: Matthew Dinh, Anojii Suthakaran, Kannon Lee, Ruby Fitzgerald, Chris Tony, Devasena Karthikeyan, Arman Mouradi, Sara Thong, Emily Nguyen, Jasmine Crowle, Ebrahim Shakoor, Cleopatra Poulios, Christina Shaiju, Jessica Bonato, and Seyara Fernando.

The avid readers were invited to eat some snacks while talking about the books they were reading to each other, and the English teachers who attended. The avid readers were all given certificates as well.

This event was created to celebrate the most enthusiastic readers, and if you read more you could become an avid reader too!

A picture of the students with their certificates, along with Mrs Poon.
A picture of the Avid Readers eating snacks in the staff room provided by the Principal

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