Lyndale music students see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

On the 4th of August, both Zephyr and Concert band went on a trip to Robert Blackwood Hall located in the Monash University, Clayton to see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra play ‘Pictures at an exhibition’. In the morning the members of both bands met up to prepare to leave; once everyone was there Ms. Edwards and Ms. Van Oosten led everyone to the bus. After a cramped entry onto the bus, everyone got seated and we got going.

14 minutes later we finally got to the hall; before entering we headed to a place that was spread completely with various shops and restaurants. We were given roughly 10 minutes to explore the spot then we would meet up at the entry. A lot of people went to buy something to eat in the morning, but others decided to scan the shelves of the gift shop for something they could buy. Once we got that over with, we went directly to the Hall.

The lights dimmed and the orchestra got ready, this was how the performance started. A man and a woman walked on stage. The man’s name was Richard, he introduced the other person that walked on stage, her name was Ingrid- she also happened to be the conductor- then Richard introduced the different instrument groups Brass, Woodwind, Strings and more. After introductions Richard said a few ‘dad’ jokes and they only got worse. He started the show off by talking about his best and worst day as a dad. He spoke about his daughter Rosie and how she loved to draw and paint then he proceeded to tell us about the day he took her to an art exhibition. It began with him touching a painting then all of a sudden he got sucked in then once he came out of the painting he saw that Rosie was missing.

The story progressed like this, he continuously went in and out of paintings in search of Rosie and for each painting the orchestra played a correlating tune. Then finally he finds out that Rosie has been taken by the child-eating Baba Yaga. He then rounded up all the characters from the painting to help him stop Baba Yaga. He exited the stage and then almost immediately the orchestra plays a tune that resembles the sounds of battle, rough yet tuneful. After the battle Richard comes back on stage holding the imaginary hand of his daughter Rosie.

A picture of the orchestra.

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