“My New Life”

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This memoir, titled “My New Life”, has been written by Azuro Hussaini of 7A.

Bang! “That’s the last of them,” smiled dad. It was late at night, and it was pitch black outside. The breeze brushed my face gently as I strolled back inside. The experience I had been waiting patiently for was about to occur. We had been packing our bags to take onto the plane. My dad had been placing the last pieces of furniture in the bright yellow truck.

Before leaving, I had one last look at our neighbourhood. The warm sunlight gave me a fuzzy feeling inside. Saying goodbye to my family and friends that lived nearby was the hardest. They had kids no older than the age of 6, which made me even more sorrowful as I loved how cute they looked. Playing with them brought me joy. The sweet smiles and laughs they gave were heartbreaking to leave.

The plane was silent and smelt of fresh toasties. Soon after taking off, the cabin crew came out with a buffet load of food. There were innumerable amounts of food. Buttered croissants, sweet chocolate bars and crispy chips. Soon after, they came out with entrees and the main meal. My favourite was the pizza; it had stretchy cheese that tasted rich and buttery, all the toppings tasted delectable, and the crust was crunchy.

We arrived at Melbourne airport and took an Uber home. I felt so enthusiastic I was going to pop! We pulled up to the house and I was shocked. The walls were an old grey colour that made the house look plain and unattractive. The verandah’s roof was smeared with bird poo and was an awful green colour. “Mum…is this our house?” I asked.

“Yes darling, we can fix it!” Mum replied. I took one step inside, and I was exhilarated. The bedrooms were huge, that of a master bedroom, and the kitchen was as big as a football field. The living room could fit 60 people sitting. I couldn’t wait until my dad arrived. I could already imagine how I wanted my room to look.

2 months later, I have been giving my parents a hand around the house to repair any damages and make it look good quality. On top of that, I was drowned in my studies and school. I got a kitten after almost killing my parents with my begging skills. It was a female and I died when I saw her. She had a navy-blue coat that matched her dark blue eye colour. I had raised the stakes of my mum’s anger and annoyance as she despised cats. I had devoted half of my time to playing and feeding her.

My life had been less awful than I thought it was and I learned to be grateful for what I have because I would never know what will happen next. Although I missed my past home and previous life, I continued to persevere and fight the challenges that I came across in my future life. I had now experienced the most amount of change in my entire life. “Happy now?” asked dad.

“Very,” I replied. My life had been refreshed to start a new story.

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