Write a Book in a Day 2022

On Wednesday the 17th of August, 5 teams went to represent our school in this year’s annual Write a Book in a Day!

Myself, Mahnoor, & Praneet (All of which are school bloggers) had the opportunity to attend this event (as competitors of course). This blog is a showcase of our experience!

For those that don’t know how “Write a Book in a Day” works, students are put into a classroom for 12 hours (8:00am to (8:00pm), are given parameters (restrictions that one must follow in their story), and are told to write an entire book in the time limit with the restrictions! Each team had to write, illustrate, format, and publish their own book.

Participating in this event were 5 teams. Those teams were:

Team Ate Sea

Ate Sea: Sadaf Ali, Zahra Ali, Liv Hutchins, Divanjali Vinai, Jahnavi Vemuri, Sooti Parasher, Ruby Fitzgerald, Joann Jackson, and Hadiya Vhora

The Pear Bears (Minus me as I was taking the photo)

Pear Bears: Devasena Karthikeyan, Mahera Zahedi, Aisha Duldul, Asra Khan, Samantha Hunter, Mahnoor Nabeel, Seyara Fernando, Matthew Dinh (that’s me!), Keerthana Karthikeyan, and Sanvi Patel

The Fuzzy Faries

Fuzzy Faries: Puja Gunasekaran, Muqadam Azeemi, Shenaya Dangodora, Mariam Hussain Ali, Mahsa Hussaini, Rituwana Rituwana, Afrin Manira, Umaira Binti Abdul Malek, and Azuro Hussaini

The Dinos

The Dinos: Chanithu Gallage, Akshaj Mathur, Nish Patel, Saren Kiritharan, Inuli Wijetinga, Janishaa Atones Suresh, Hadiyah Azhar, Aleem Khorasi, and Ayaan Khorasi

Team Nine Sea

Nine Sea (You can tell who they copied here.): Aayan Kamal, Rydham Patel, Christina Shaiju, Kishore Ramesh, Enuka Dharmwansa, Thenila Mullaithileepan, Praneet Gunasekaran, Devika Prajod, Aakhilesh Patil, and Vraj Ravalji

Please tell me if I spelt your name wrong on teams, or if somebody marked here didn’t actually attend...

As you all can clearly tell, Lyndale Secondary College isn’t really known for naming things well.

Here are some other photos from the event!

Quotes from our participants

I managed to collect little short paragraphs from everyone who attended the event. Here are what the students of this program had to say:

In my opinion, this Write A Book In A Day was an amazing exercise. The day was full of collaboration, team work and most importantly laughs. This experience was something I would repeat 100 times if I could. Overall, I am proud of my team’s efforts and will be excited to present our book. 

– Liv H

I really enjoyed my day. There were definitely some challenges, but with communication and teamwork, we got them resolved really easily.

– Ruby F

Writing together in a team was an amazing experience and I loved working with our peers. Even though we experienced some stress throughout the 12 hours, we ended up having fun and memorable experience. It was the best when we finished writing and got everything put together. I hope we will be able to do this next year as well.

– Joanne J

I found this day very enjoyable as we bonded with our own group and worked hard together to complete a book in a day. I feel as though this experience brought us together and we got a taste of working collaboratively. This experience was definitely one to enjoy yourself.

– Vraj R

Writing a book in the day was a really enjoyable experience. I really liked the concept of students working together to create a book in 12 hours. What I most enjoyed about the event was how jampacked it was as we had to plan the story, organize students to tasks and ensure everything was complete by the end. I believe this experience taught me how to work under pressure and also gave the chance to bond with a a lot of Lyndale students.

– Aisha D

The Write a Book in a Day event was an experience that allowed my team and I to share our ideas and collaboratively create a book. Whilst there were a number of challenges we ran into during the planning process, it provided us opportunities to learn how to work more cooperatively and create a book together.

– Mahnoor N

The Write a Book in A Day was a very entertaining and memorable experience with heaps of laughter and collaboration. I would repeat this amazing challenge again next year. My team’s ideas and knowledge combined with the illustrators, and we aimed to create a great book. We would be very glad to represent 8C and Lyndale and present The Cry of the Whale.

– Divianjali V

Write a book in a day was a good experience to work on your teamwork, I have enjoyed it very much today because I was able to work on a big project with my classmates. The pizza and the feeling of getting things done on time was the best feeling. I’m glad that I participated in this activity and I’m looking forward to do it next year too.

– Zahra A

This event was a new experience for all of us. We had our challenges throughout the day but our team’s strong communication helped us resolve them.

– Jahnavi V

I found the day very calming, fun and enjoyable as I was able to help my team with the drawings and sketches of the story and we may have faced many challenges throughout the day, at times we lost focus but we continued to work hard and finish of the writing. Overall it was a fin memorable day which we all will remember for a lifetime. This experience brought us together as a team being able to work together with friends and cooperatively.

– Aysha N

I found WABIAD very good experience and it felt very calm and relaxing at the same time stressful and exiting. It was difficult but was a good bonding experience for everyone. The time limit we had wasn’t too stressful but pushed us to write our book.

– Enuka D

This event was certainly a different experience but in a good way it was something I enjoyed partaking in. Working together as a team to create a book tested our skills in communication and working under pressure. It was stressful at first but in the end we got through it as a team. Glad I got to experience this.

– Mahera Z

I found this experience very fun, and enjoyable. At times it felt as though me and my team would not be able to finish but in the end we all worked hard to finish things. I feel as though this experience brought us together and I’m grateful to be able to do this with my close friends

– Thenila M

This event was very fun and relaxed but some times were frustrating. My team and I worked really well breaking into different roles for our book, challenges had came in the way however we solved our problems by working well with each other.

– Sadaf A

WABIAD gave me a taste of LSC after school-hours. [which was, strangely, cool.] Even under the pressure, I happened to feel grateful for the presence of my friends and my sibling. Each time problems rose up, connected with word counts, characters, or the plot, we knew that the time was ticking, but we also knew that this we were doing it together. Write A Book In A Day is easily one of my favourite days of the term.

– Kerthana K

This day was an excellent experience to work together to create something really great. It was difficult giving everyone tasks and goals to reach by a certain time. But we still worked very well together and I think we ended with a lot of good memories and a very good book.

– Rydham P

Write a book in a day, was a very memorable experience for me as I had the chance to collaboratively work with my peers as a team, to construct a short story in the time frame of 12 hours, many phases were experienced through out such as, complications, success and ease but at the end of the day we managed to successfully reach our goal, together as a team.

– Praneet G

This event was a very fun experience. It was a great challenge to take on and a great way to learn more about the importance of cooperation and teamwork while under pressure.

Christina S

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  1. Although it was tough, I liked the illustration part! The event overall was really fun.

  2. I was in fuzzy fairies and it was a fun experience with all my friends, I would definitely do it again this year!

  3. It was so much fun spending 12 hours with your friend at school and I would definitely do it again.

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