Lyndale Swimming Carnival

A dive and a splash into 2023…

All aboard the bus and away we go!

Every year, Lyndale Secondary College celebrates its annual Swimming Carnival by bringing its students to its local (not really) swimming pool and having a day of fun and excitement in the sun

This year also hosted a variety of activities set up by the school’s VCAL classes, such as table pong and a few ball games (dodgeball, soccer – just to name a few).

We had students dressing up in their house colours, with crazy outfits, cheering on the swimmers from their house giving it their all! We had live music courtesy of Mr Rault as everyone enjoyed their time outside on the grass (or in the pool).

The Year 12 ‘fashion’ show
SAY CHEESE! Quite a fitting catchphrase considering Halton’s colours…
The principal and assistant principals.
Farquaad Fotobomb 📷✨
SMILE! That’s the final Swimming Carnival for the Class of 2023…

In the end, Gladstone won the event scoring 395 points! Everyone in blue could be seen screaming and cheering.


Munro and Halton were almost neck ‘n’ neck, with 271 and 263 points respectively, while Oakwood scored 192 points.


Swimming Carnival 2023 was a spectacular event to kick off the new year.

19 thoughts on “Lyndale Swimming Carnival

  1. It was a lot of fun to compete and move forward to the next levels in this years swimming carnival and I can’t wait to do it next year as well.

  2. this day was fun for almost everyone! there was a small fun pool, a sprinkler area and before we left, everyone got to swim in the big pool. one of the most enjoyable days of school I’ve ever experienced so far.

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