Gabrielle Williams’ visit to Lyndale

The Hon. Gabrielle Williams visited Lyndale Secondary College on the 3rd of March, 2023, as part of her electoral commitments to assist and see to Lyndale’s final stages of construction.

Gabrielle Williams has a “strong sense of justice” and wants “to be a part of a socially progressive agenda”, this includes having the state being created into a place of inclusivity and fairness.

Ms Williams stated that she had been involved in the reconstruction of the school since her first election commitments, back in 2014.

Gabrielle Williams, along with the Junior and Senior Captains of Lyndale Secondary College and the College Principal Pam Robinson

Interviewer: What do you hope to see in future developments at Lyndale?

GW – Gabrielle Williams: I want to see the master plan delivered upon. We had a map, about 8 years ago, for the whole school to be rebuilt. We’re almost there. Before that time, essentially, the school hadn’t been touched since 1961 (the school’s establishment) Which is why, when I first came into office – in 2014 –

…one of my first election commitments made [when I was first elected] was that we would rebuild Lyndale Secondary.

What we want to see is that finished…

the plan realized [in full].

A hope for “the plan” being fully “realised”

When asked about being given a chance to change the world, Ms Williams immediately responded with “full employment” , meaning decreasing the number of people who unemployed and augmenting the numbers in employment statistics. In addition, she also mentioned how she considers the factors in which “enable people to get what they need to better their lives and improve their circumstances”.

Interviewer: If you had the chance to make a huge difference [in] the world, what would it be?

GW: Full employment. No unemployment. That would make a difference to the world.

Junior captain: What makes you say that? Is that one of the things you’re extremely passionate about?

GW: It is. I always think of things in terms of what enables everything else. What enables people to get what they need to better their lives and improve their circumstances? What often sits at the core of disadvantage is unemployment, or a lack of opportunity to get employment.

So if [we] could ensure that everybody had a living wage, then we would see the rates of disadvantage reduce.

As her final word of advice, especially for students in their final years of high school, Gabrielle Williams emphasized on work ethic and firmly asserted that “the harder you work, the better your result” (wise words to live by!), but she also made to reassure that if life does not go according to plan, there will still be “many different paths to the same outcome”.

Interviewer: What’s your final word of advice for [students] doing VCE and VCAL? Finishing high school, basically.


Work ethic is everything

in VCE. The harder you work, the better your results – it’s as simple as that.

Interviewer: Discipline in the mother of success!

GW: Absolutely! And don’t worry if it doesn’t work out the way you wanted it to at first instance.

There are many different pathways to the same outcome.

You will always find a way to get where you want to be.

From left to right are Ms Robinson (College Principal), Junior School Captains, Gabrielle Williams

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