Written by Joey Miller

On Tuesday, the 28th of March, the singing students of Lyndale had a full-day excursion to Nossal High School for Singfest – a full day in which choirs from 12 different schools came together to sing as one big choir.

Guest choirmaster Annemarie Sharrey, a wonderful improvisation musician with years of experience singing in groups and leading choirs, lead over 200 students from all over the South-Eastern schools region in singing three pieces. Cooling rain, a fun piece with lots of jazzy notes and soothing harmonies; Stimela, a South-African song about a train of hope and peace; and Wally Wombat Shuffle, a funky piece with vocal instrumentation.

One of the warmups we did!

Big thanks to Miss Turner, Lyndale’s voice teacher, for organizing for the singers of Lyndale to attend (nearly) every year, and to Miss Van Oosten, Lyndale’s principal woodwind teacher, for being a great bus driver!

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  1. Thats so cool – Really shines a light on an event not many of us knew about!… amazing report

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