Readers’ Revolt: An excursion to see Harry Potter & The Cursed Child

Written by Anuthra Thenahandi and Matthew Dinh

A scene from the play:

SCORPIUS: Albus. The Trolley Witch.

ALBUS: You want a snack for the journey?

SCORPIUS: No. Albus. The trolley Witch is coming towards us.

ALBUS: No, she can’t be, we’re on top of a train…

It’s Wednesday the 3rd of May and the Reader’s Revolt club (A.K.A. the group behind Valentine’s Day and related events) go to see the Harry Potter & The Cursed Child play in Melbourne’s Princess Theatre!

The club of 13 students first went to Melbourne Central for Breakfast-esque.

Matthew excellently plays the piano at the Melbourne Central food court.

The group then walked to the Princess Theatre where they found out they were too early Treasury Gardens to invade and terrorize the pigeons and ducks and have lunch very peacefully at the fountain.

The Treasury Gardens were the perfect place to take candid photos and videos.

What a tranquil moment…

And after that, it was showtime in the Princess Theatre! For 3 hours they sat down and watched the play, but it was worth it! Photos weren’t allowed while it was going on, but they did take some pictures during the intermissions.

The Readers Revolt in front of the poster (Chili and Joey got cut off here – Sorry guys).
Another angle with the tickets (NEW! Ciya is covered)

Some of the photos that were taken before the show and during the intermission…

One of the club’s members commented:

The play surpassed my expectations – the special effects were out of [this] world! [The] acting was extremely accurate, and storyline was amazing. [The] best part had to be Voldemort walking the runway!! Additionally spending time with fellow Readers Revolt members was an excellent bonding experience…

Voldemort walked the runway, right past lucky audience members sitting on the edge seats! One person managed to catch his attention, to which he aggressively turned his head, looked, and then walked on as if nothing happened…

Once it all ended, Mrs Booth (teacher) was approached by a former Lyndale student! The alumnus apparently recognized the group because of the school’s uniform and… surprise, surprise – she was attending Lyndale at the same time as Johnny Farnham (who is also an alumnus of Lyndale)!!

From the theatre to the train ride home, everyone walked away with the biggest smiles on their faces and memories to keep for the rest of their lives.

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