Athletics Carnival: 2023

It’s that time of year when everyone inhales truckloads of pre-workout and shows off their muscular power, endurance and strength (thanks, Year 8 Health!).

On the 15th of May, our school had our annual school-wide Athletics Carnival! We had a fun day at the new track with face painting, (of course) field events such as Javelin and Shotput, and track events like 100m and Relays among other things!

It was a lovely day for running and exercise, and a barbecue served up by our VCAL students! Perfect weather in a brand-new venue (for us).

As always, if the photos are too small, you may click on them to enlarge them!

And because drones are cool, here’s a quick compilation of random drone shots:

An aerial shot of the site

Paparazzi shot of Ms Lenehan
Booth 1, Booth 2 and Mr Booth (guess who is who)

nobody was robbed…
…even if they were robbed these three would probably do something

Peely makes an appearance??!?!?

Thumbs up from Michael Jackson!

lovin’ the pants

This year was the first time Lyndale had the most significant number of students attend its Athletics Carnival – how many, you may ask?

A whopping 800.

That’s… like… 1000 ducks…

Anyways, here are some dedicated pictures of Spiderman, Peely and many more spectacular fashion statements.

Here’s a youtube video from Lyndale’s official YouTube channel!

The day continued with many more exhilarating events, until…

it was time to announce the winning House.

In first place, with a total of 1400 is…


Coming up in second place with 1144 points…


Next, in third place and 1137 points is…


Finally… and the fourth… with 920 points… you (probably) guessed it…


The points were separated into:

  • Boys Field Events: Oakwood with 525 points
  • Girls Field Events: Oakwood with 400 points
  • Boys Track Events: Oakwood with 317 points
  • Girls Track Events: Gladstone with 216 point

Altogether, Oakwood strikes down on Gladstone’s winning streak with an iron fist, seizing first place with a monstrous accumulation of 1893 POINTS for this year!

Oakwood has so many points that its almost through the roof 🚀

And that concludes Lyndale’s Annual Athletics Carnival of 2023!

Thank you to all the teachers and students who helped out that day. Great job and congratulations to all event participants.

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  1. the food was ok but there was so many bees following us breh
    some ppl running were ooo *wink

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