The Paper Plane Competition: 2023

Paper Airplane Day at Lyndale is an exhilarating and enjoyable event where students unleash their creativity by crafting unique paper airplanes and engaging in a friendly competition to determine whose aircraft can fly the farthest. With each student crafting their own distinct design and employing various throwing techniques, the day buzzes with excitement and anticipation. Having become a cherished tradition over the years, Paper Airplane Day provides a delightful opportunity for students to showcase their imagination and engineering skills and witnessing the enthusiasm and delight on the students’ faces as they construct and launch their paper planes is a truly heartwarming experience.

Look at all those people! Lets just say the sky was filled with planes that day…

Many students came into the STEM building with the desire to win and creativity flood through their veins. You would expect different designs of all sorts. However, they were mostly your conventional paper airplane.

Once everyone finished creasing their planes to the ultimate, streamlined aircraft, they all lined up behind STEM Committees’ handy-dandy (taped) starting line.




Lift off ✈️

Drawing back their arms, people threw their planes with all their might.

For a single, silent moment, paper planes painted the ceiling

And here we have three lucky winners!

Our top three! (From right to left) Chanithu received 1st place, Mr Alexander with 2nd and Stefan getting 3rd.

Each winner walked off with a Canteen voucher ($15, $10 and $5 respectively for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place).

Then the STEM building exploded – but they never looked behind them because cool guys never look at explosions.

Of course the building didn’t explode but everyone left after the event was finished.

Thank you to the STEM Committee for organising this event! Look forward to more amazing events like this in the future.

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