Ocean Day Origami Event

On Wednesday the 7th of June, we had Ocean Day! Stem Committee celebrated this event with lunchtime activity, making ocean-themed origami pieces!

We had students come and make origami boats, crabs, fishes, whales, and (check notes) red sausages.

All the origami we made + Tran

Compared to our paper plane day, this event was much more… calm. Students came in and suffered as they created origami, albeit not very successful (cough cough whale cough cough). We ended up with people cutting out stars with faces, making rectangle “fish” (how creative), drawing ocean animals on failed origami pieces, drawing moustaches on actual origami pieces, rolling up paper into hats, wearing paper boats, and just giving up. Oh, the things people do for free house points…

Oh wait, house points. Right. Students got house points for attending! From this event, we had:

9 points to Oakwood

7 points to Halton

6 points for Gladstone

Nada for Munro (Seriously, are you too cool for origami or something?)

Lunch was cut short that day, so we didn’t get as much origami as we had hoped, but thank you to all the people that did come to the event!

Special Thanks to Ms Haeusler for helping us in setting up the event!

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