Harry Potter Day 2023: Dumbledore’s Return

The 25th of May (Thursday) was Lyndale’s annual Harry Potter Day. After a year of its absence; students, the Readers’ Revolt, and staff were excited about its comeback. With numerous activities, Kahoots, face painting, and a special guest appearance, it would have been crazy if the B Block wasn’t filled with eager Potterheads.

Students posing with the special guest…

Yes, you guessed it! Mr. Hollingsworth was the special guest who came dressed as Dumbledoreā„¢.

He was extremely excited to catch up and talk to his past students and staff members whilst taking photos as Dumbledore.

It was quite emotional… but the best part had to be the shocked faces of students and the smile which followed.šŸ˜Š

Apart from the majestic Dumbledore returning to Lyndale, The Readers Revolt organized numerous events for the students who attended.

One of the most popular was the Kahoot event with an unexpected paparazzi filling the glass doors of the room. It was quite the event with many groups partaking in the competition.

By the last question, everyone was jumping in their seats

In the open space, there was a musical band playing in the background who dulcetly weaved the classic Harry Potter BGM into each nook and cranny of the B Block. They had been practicing very intensely which had definitely paid off and made the day all the more magical

Apart from all the festivities, there were some hardworking artists painting faces ,making bookmarks, distributing badges and handling the sorting hat. Of course, everything was Harry Potter themed with the primary Hogwarts colors.

There was also a Harry Potter Bookcover Competition running throughout Term 2, in which the winners were announced on Harry Potter Day.

We had many submissions from a vast array of talented artists, however could only pick 3 finalists!

Nevertheless, we had a clear winner…


Zaryab Baig 12B! For you interpretation of the Deathly Hallows Book Cover!

(Congratualtions to the 8C boys as well, who also made some amazing covers)

Here are the covers:

Thank you to all students who came and the Readers’ Revolts for organizing such a great event.

To those who missed out – There’s always next year!

Here are some more photos from the day :

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