Harmony Day 2023

On the 23rd of May (yes it’s the messed up date), our school celebrated Harmony Day!! This was one hectic yet incredibly enjoyable day as we got to explore all the various cultures within our school, and as seen from the title image, there was quite the number of cultures to recgonize and celebrate.

During lunch time, the entire school gathered in the open area around the canteen to watch and participate in the cultural parade where their ethnical backgrounds would be called out by one of our school captains – Eurisha Chhin (thanks Eurisha!) – and students would be allowed to march into the centre and demonstarte all sorts of performances from their culture.

Here we have a group of students celebrating their culture through a march – they also seem to be having quite the fun time, wouldn’t you say?

We might not have any photos, but earlier in the year we celebrated the REAL Harmony Day with a bracelet making event that ran across lunch time. Students had an enjoyable time making bracelets with peers and friends. Bracelets were made out of beads and featured the colour orange, which as you know represents the ‘Harmony’ in Harmony Day, alongside the colours of the chosen flag.

Now my friends, using your epic imagination, picture like 20 bracelets before your eyes. (Cut me some slack no one had any photos) (I think, don’t hold me accountable if I’m wrong thanks!)

Moving on…here have some more images from MU (messed up) Harmony Day:

Feast your eyes, my companions, as these adventures set sail into the unknown and illustrate their marvelous culture for all to witness.
There seems to be quite the celebration going on, wonder what it could be?
And here we have a marvelous performance being…performed! These students truly looked like they had a good time representing their culture through an enjoyable and active dance.

Overall, our school had an incredible time recgonizing, acknowledging, and celebrating all sorts of cultures from all over the world, and a big thanks is owed to Ms Mckean for organizing the entire event!

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