Lights, Camera, Lyndale!

On the 15th of June, we had a Performing Arts Showcase, with music, singing, and dancing! Parents came in the night to see the students perform pieces from popular media (Hence the name of the showcase).

We had students performing on their instruments in bands, singing in solos and groups, and some dancing as well. From seniors and even ex-students, to Year 7s who were forced to perform as part of their curriculum because they had music for the semester; students of all skill levels participated, with funky accessories like sparkly blue ties, white fedoras, and Harry Potter Cloaks (from Harry Potter Day of course! Click here to read the article by Devasena).

A large round of applause to Ciya, Eurisha, Joey, and Adnenn for dressing up and compering the event that night! Here are some photos of them:

The night started off with a banger; an impressive fanfare performance from the drumline (pun intended) and our brass students (although we didn’t get any photos of them during the show)!

Of course, we can’t forget the Year 7s who made their debut on the Lyndale Preforming Arts stage! They were forced to happily dancing and playing their newly learned instruments!

We had our bands that included but were not limited to: Excel, Zephyr, and Concert Band, along with other Jazz bands!

Click here for Photos of the Bands (Because there’s alot of them)

A year 12 and Euphonium player— Ethan Kumar preformed a solo for the audience, accompanied by the wonderful Ms Van Oosten!

The Samoan 4C’s group made its reappearance on stage, dancing their cultural dance in front of our audience of parents and families! (You can also see them in the Harmony Day post here! Yes, yet another shameless plug).

Let’s not forget about the school choir group / singing students, preforming a cover of the song Skyfall by Adele!

Then, the Woodwind Quartet of Mrs Van Oosten, Eurisha, Joey, and Ai (from left to right in the picture below)!

Special thanks were given out to the teachers who helped with the event, before the grand finale piece played by Zephyr and Concert band!

In the midst, audience members were asked quiz questions and won prizes such as an ‘Oscar’ if they got it right:

Overall, it was a very long night, while also being very enjoyable. A big round of applause to our students who preformed, and to our preforming arts teachers who helped organize and run this event!

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