National Simultaneous Story Time with Lyndale Greens

National Simultaneous Storytime Day is an almanac event correlating with storytelling, hence the name, and ensued on Wednesday, May 24th! Each year, a picture book is stipulated to be read to children, explicitly Junior kids, and this year’s book was ‘The Speedy Sloth’ by Rebecca Young and Heath McKenzie. ‘The Speedy Sloth’ is a ravishing story for young readers, about a sloth named Spike, the eponymous speedy sloth, preparing herself for the big race with all the other animals.

To commemorate the augmenting love for literature in young readers, Grade 2’s from Lyndale Green’s Primary School came over on Wednesday 24th May to partake in the almanac event organized by the Reader’s Revolt, comprising of storytelling and a variety of arts and craft activities.

D.I.Y Speedy Sloth Tote Bags. Organised by: Devasena Karthikeyan, Asra Khan, and Sharanky Sivakumar 10B
Sloth Hanging on a Branch. Organised by: Keerthana Karthikeyan, Anojii Suthakaran, Keyda Suson 8C.

A group of approximately 30 students came and were segregated into groups of six, with three Reader’s Revolt members in tutelage. The Reader’s Revolt read ‘The Speedy Sloth’ to the Second Graders, asking questions during page intervals and engaging with the children, and culminating with an art and craft activity that each of the Reader’s Revolt members created prior to the event.

Sloth Sock Puppet. Organised by: Anuthra Thenahandi 12B, Ciya Joseph 12C, and Joey Miller 11B.

The Reader’s Revolt Members gathered all the materials beforehand, leaving the second graders to stick and glue the pieces concurrently and festoon and adorn their sloths with fun stickers, jewels, glitters, and much more! The event was a complete success, with everyone leaving with smiles- and excited to show their artwork to their teachers, friends, and family!

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