Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Concert Excursion 2023

On the 26th of July, our students from Excel Band and Zephyr Band (and other music students) went to see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) perform! 50 children, 3 teachers, what could go wrong?

The menaces that were our music students first went on the train to go to the city! Why am I mentioning this? Well, Chris gave me lots of train photos and I need a place to put them. So here are some photos from the train (slash train station)!

Oh yes, walking as well. Lots of photos of us walking in between places as well. So lemme just put them all here.

And while we’re at it, let’s have a section of this blog post dedicated to photos of Eurisha.

Right. Back to the event! Before the performance of the MSO, our students went to see the graffiti artwork on Hosier Lane! Why? Because Hosier Lane is art, and so is music. Also, we were early to the concert, so why not take a detour.

Speaking of detours, we passed the NGV on the way to the concert, so here’s Cleo and Hamish skipping coins across the giant pool in front of it:

Anywhosies, next stop was the Melbourne Recital Centre! We stood outside of it for a while because we were checking to see if we were allowed in, and then we stood inside of it for a while because Ms Edwards said to go to the bathrooms to see (and I quote) if anything falls out.

We can’t forget about our arm wrestling tournament! Yes, we had an arm wrestling tournament in the Melbourne Recital Tournament. Definitely the highlight of the excursion.

And then, showtime! The members of the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (mostly strings. Ironic because the school doesn’t have string instruments) performed two pieces, one classical and one from the modern age, and a speaker compared the pieces, teaching us about music theory and the elements in each piece!

It was a lovely performance with amazing sound: the timbre of the strings, the ringing of a percussionist using a fiddlestick on a Glockenspiel, and some students from another school whacking each other on the back of the head while everyone else was trying to listen to the music in peace.

So after the show, our final stop was Melbourne Central for lunch! We had food (duh…) and saw the Melbourne Central clock in action (y’know, the giant clock in the center that rings and plays a song at every hour)!

Overall, all of us music students had a lot of fun! A beautiful day of music and fun!

Thank you to the music teachers that came (Ms Edwards, Ms Van Oosten, and Mr Rault) for taking us here!

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