NAIDOC Week with Lyndale Greens

Remember when Lyndale Greens visited our school for National Simultaneous Story Time? This time, on July the 20th, our Readers’ Revolt students went to go visit Lyndale Greens!

The Readers’ Revolt at Lyndale Green’s office area

Our Literacy club went to see the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander dancer Dion Drummond preforming at Lyndale Green’s NAIDOC week incursion! There were traditional Torres Strait Islander clothing and instruments, traditional dancing and music, and students forcing their teachers to do the Funky Chicken.

After the incursion, our school students went to the classes of their school students, and read books about the traditional owners of the land, including but not limited to: Stolen Girl, Sorry Day, Cooee Mittigar, among others. Then, each group were given fun little activities and crafts to complete, organized by our Readers’ Revolt members! We didn’t get alot of photos of the activities. In fact we only got one. Because apparently the rest of the club weren’t taking photos.

We had classes doing dot painting (with markers), making purple hibiscuses, cutting out hand prints with the aboriginal flag, colouring in sheets, folding chatterboxes, and uhm… doing sudoku… (Chilli. Kannon. Tvaritha. What were you people thinking?).

Again, not alot of photos of the activities. So here are some shots of us walking to Lyndale Greens.

Special thanks to Ras Yaakin Islam and Amelie Gifford, for coming with us and assisting with the activities, and to the teachers of Lyndale Greens, for allowing us to work with your students once again!

Also Mrs Booth, for bringing us here and organizing the visit.

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