Write a Book in a Day 2023

On Wednesday the 13th of September, our school participated in Write a Book in a Day once again, with 7 teams (the most Lyndale has EVER had) entering the 12 hour rush to write a book! It was a very hectic day, but fun nevertheless!

For those who don’t know what Write a Book in a Day is, it is a competition aimed at funding kids cancer research. Students are placed into teams to write a book from 8:00 in the morning to 8:00 at night, and are given parameters they have to follow for their story. The challengers are left to plan, write, illustrate, and format their book in the short time limit, to publish it to children in hospital! You can learn more here: https://writeabookinaday.com/

Let’s meet the 7 teams we had for this year! (If you’re a cool kid who’s been reading our posts from last year, you may or may not recognize some names. We were lucky enough to have some reincarnations of old teams returning to compete again!):

Team Pear Bears II

Pear Bears II: Sharanky Sivakumar, Devasena Karthikeyan, Asra Khan, Seyara Fernando, Matthew Dinh (hey that’s me!), Catherine Dinh, Ella Oakley, Chance Hererahi, and Jaidah Leofo.

Team Ate Sea #2, I believe two people are missing from this photo, we didn’t have any better shots unfortunately

Ate Sea #2: Liv Hutchins, Joann Jackson, Stooti Parasher, , Santhya Suresh, Jeremy Kao, Aparanji Sriram, Ruby Fitzgerald, Imogen Orme, and Caitlin De Kauwe.

The Fuzzy Fairies 2.0

Fuzzy Fairies 2.0: Angelina Sreang, Mariam Hussain Ali, Muqadam Azeemi, Mahsa Hussaini, Julie Aun, Afrin Namira, Hadiyah Azahar, Janishaa Antones, Rituwana Rituwana, and Rameez Faiz.

Team DDHJKPS, try saying that 10 times fast

DDHJKPS: Dominique Perumal, Dhanika Arut, Hannah Paix, Jewel Saju, Kasmia Janagan, Poorvvi Balakrishnan, Shakthi Aathipan, and Shivani Rithesh (did y’all leave out an S at the end of your team name?).

The 8C bbgs, whatever that’s supposed to mean

8C bbgs: Puja Gunasekaran, Sanvi Patel, Keerthana Karthikeyan, Shenaya Dangodara, Inuli Wijetunga, Tvaritha Karthik, Kannon Lee, Anojii Suthakaran, and Keyda Suson.

The 8C bois (Photo credit: Nish Patel)

8C bois: Nish Patel, Saren Kiritharan, Ayaan Maniar, Chanithu Gallage, Henil Shah, Joe Vanmelil, Akshaj Mathur, Yonal Sri Jayamaha, Christianpaul Saji, and Eann Jaison.

7riCe: Ishika Prajod, Thuveny Srikanthan, Hannah Jacob, Shanmukhi Ponnam, Angel Rose Shyju, Sanaya Mohottighe, Janina Hetheria, Mia Arthur, Sanchay Parthiban, and Roshan Nonmathinathan.

Hello participants, if I got any names wrong, please message me on Teams ASAP.

We also have copies of the books that were written on the day! In no particular order, here they are! Feel free to download these files too:

It was a long and tiring day for everyone, but we could argue it was all worth it! No amount of words can do this event justice.

Speaking of words, we had some ACTUAL PROFESSIONAL journalists cover this event as well! Lyndale is famous~ Albeit only for half a page. You can see their much more professional article on the Dandenong Star Journal for the 26th of September, page 9!

Or if you’re lazy and don’t wanna go web surfing, here’s the link: https://issuu.com/starnewsgroup/docs/2023-09-26_djs_657/1

A photo that was taken. Sorta. One of our blog people took a photo alongside the cameraman.

A special thanks to Ms Poon, Ms O’Donnell, Mrs Graham, Ms Mergoz, and Mr & Mrs Booth for helping organize and run this event, as well as all the tutors who came in to help, and all the students who participated this year! Soon enough, the organizers of Write a Book In a Day will announce the winners of the statewide competition. Here’s to hoping one of our groups will be up on that list! 🥂

Until next year folks!

(Oh, almost forgot, a reminder that you can click on a photo to zoom in and see the uncropped version)

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