Write a Book in a Day

On Wednesday the 17th of August, 5 teams went to represent our school in this year’s annual Write a Book in a Day! Myself, Mahnoor, & Praneet (All of which are school bloggers) had the opportunity to attend this event (as competitors of course). This blog is a showcase of our experience! For those that don’t know how “Write a Book in a Day” works, students are put into a classroom for 12 hours (8:00am to (8:00pm), are given parameters (restrictions that one must follow in their story), and are told to write an entire book in the time limit … Continue reading Write a Book in a Day

“My New Life”

This is a blog post dedicated to shining the light on students in the school, and can be found under the search term “Celebrating Student Work”. This memoir, titled “My New Life”, has been written by Azuro Hussaini of 7A. Bang! “That’s the last of them,” smiled dad. It was late at night, and it was pitch black outside. The breeze brushed my face gently as I strolled back inside. The experience I had been waiting patiently for was about to occur. We had been packing our bags to take onto the plane. My dad had been placing the last … Continue reading “My New Life”

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Excursion

On the 4th of August, both Zephyr and Concert band went on a trip to Robert Blackwood Hall located in the Monash University, Clayton to see the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra play ‘Pictures at an exhibition’. In the morning the members of both bands met up to prepare to leave; once everyone was there Ms. Edwards and Ms. Van Oosten led everyone to the bus. After a cramped entry onto the bus, everyone got seated and we got going. 14 minutes later we finally got to the hall; before entering we headed to a place that was spread completely with various … Continue reading Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Excursion