As a part of a project with the Sport Aircraft Association of Australia, STEM students at Lyndale Secondary College are building the left-wing of a sport aircraft.

Students from across Australia are taking part in building separate parts of the sport aircraft, and once all the different parts are in its final shape, it will be delivered to the headquarters of SAAA which is located in Narromine, New South Wales. When all the parts of the plane have reached their destination, the plane will fly to each state where the students will have the ability to fly the aircraft.

All the students in the Year 8 STEM class are participating in this project alongside a few students from the Year 9 STEM class. This program has plenty of advantages; it teaches young students’ basics in Physics, STEM skills, systems engineering and build their aeronautical skills.

The SAAA created this program for young students because people have been trying to increase the level of interest in Aviation, not many young students have knowledge about Aviation, and projects like this make difference.

COVID-19 was a huge disadvantage and pulled back the time, the aircraft will be finished eventually looking towards March 2021.

“We are super excited to be a part of this “live” project with SAAA. We currently run an aviation program called “Highflyers” for students where they can obtain their General Aviation License and learn to fly on fixed-wing aircraft. The aircraft build with SAAA will expose students to aspects of aeronautical engineering and manufacturing which adds an extra dimension to our program in aviation. Building student skills in STEM-related fields is a real focus for us at Lyndale Secondary College. We are looking forward to beginning the build with our mentors Ray and Brian and collaborating with schools in other states to build the RV-12 aircraft.” We have an excited group of STEM students eager to start with an equal ratio of female and male students participating in the build! – STEM Coordinator of Lyndale Secondary College


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